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As recently pointed out in a cheekily-named article for Inc. magazine, many of today’s top executive assistants can be found in the form of smartphone and tablet PC apps. And while there’s no replacement for the real deal – a great personal assistant is a rare and valuable find – it is worth noting: These iPhone, iPad and Android alternatives can help those on a budget, or hoping to manage their own appointments, tame their inborn ADD, or life’s increasingly hectic demands. Looking for the top apps to help you organize your work and life? Following is a brief excerpt of several recommended applications:


Tame the clutter of your professional life. Evernote lets you take virtual memos on-demand. You can store text, photos, voice recordings (even and add location tagging) and automatically synchronize updates across your computer, smartphone, and tablet. Keyword, tag, and text searches make for easy information retrieval.

AwesomeNote (+Todo)

A graphical organizer that lets you save notes, build to-do lists, and assign color-coded tags, fonts, icons, and backgrounds for more effective cataloguing and categorization. From travel itineraries to conference schedules, you can plot it all on a nicely-appointed calendar, and add photos, maps, sketches, and assorted images. You can also create folders and assign unique passwords for faster grouping and storage.

Remember the Milk

This popular list-making utility keeps you from forgetting tasks and outstanding action items. You can organize deliverables by priority or due date, and receive reminders via email, SMS, instant messenger, etc. Big plus: easy integration with mobile, Web, and desktop apps (Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, etc.) and synchronization across multiple devices.

For more, you can read the full article at Inc. magazine. And as a special exclusive for TechSavvy readers, you can also find more recommendations on the top organization apps for life and work at the following resources:

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And remember – while there’s no replacing a real PA with a virtual stand-in, at least these options can tide you over as far as to-do and office shopping lists until you can locate or afford a good one.

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