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If you have a small business, you should have a website to go along with it, whether you use it as a source of sales leads, for marketing purposes or simply as a customer outreach tool. However, getting one designed isn’t always simple if you don’t have a lot of high-tech expertise in-house, or are operating on limited time, manpower or budgets. Thankfully a number of the best Internet services can help you discover how to build your own business website practically overnight. 

Before beginning, consider what features you want on your website. Should it have a blog? A link to a Twitter and/or Facebook account? How about a list of services and prices? Cheerfully for those seeking off-the-shelf solutions, these days, anything goes, and with these five site-building services, you can put together your own website almost instantly. 

Onepager – Onepager’s selection of stylish templates is designed to get you up and running in minutes, and demonstrates how to create and customize a business website with no technical knowledge whatsoever. Using it, you can quickly setup and configure a site with pricing, contact info and social media features that looks great in desktop Web browsers and on mobile devices. Neighborhood retailers and local shops may especially find its services of interest.

HostGator’s SiteBuilder Template – HostGator offers decently-priced web hosting packages, and it’s also home to a SiteBuilder, which lets you build your own site via easy-to-use templates. You can visit the HostGator site to view a live demo of these services in motion, which may come in handy for entrepreneurs and established firms alike. is as simple as site building gets. There’s no need to register a domain, find hosting space, or setup a blog. You simply visit the site, name your page, and create it. A site is ideal for basic site-building needs. You can drag-and-drop photos, YouTube videos, or publish a quick story, a lesson, or even a recipe for online sharing and promotion. 

WeeblyWeebly’s website builder is based on drag-and-drop mechanics, meaning it’s dead simple to create a website with the service. Visual elements, including photos, videos, and maps, are dragged onto your website. Text is edited via a familiar word processing interface. You can also choose from hundreds of template themes, add multimedia features like photo galleries, and even manage your site via your iPhone. 

Yola/SynthaSiteYola likewise lets you make your own website as simply and quickly as possible using drag-and-drop mechanics. You can also optimize your content for viewing on mobile phones and Facebook. Yola has an active community, so you can easily make friends with people who share a similar vision, and solicit help as needed. 

SiteKreatorSiteKreator is a great option if you’re looking to build a site with enough power to really show off your small business. There are lots of free services to be had on SiteKreator, but for a monthly fee, you can have access to advanced features like web search optimization, discussion forums, and 20 email accounts. 

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