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If it seems like everybody’s ten-year-old kid is making their own app these days—well, you’re right. From games to practical programs for that assist us in work and life, apps are fast becoming our primary problem-solvers. Apps can help us find directions, locate the closest retail outlet for our immediate needs, and calculate columns of numbers for those of us who are untalented in mathematics. There’s a reason why one of the iPhone’s taglines is “There’s an App for That.” But did you know that you can make your own app? It’s sinfully easy with the help of any of several programs that are designed for the task. There’s no need to understand and play with code. 

Here are five ways you can make your own app: 

App InventorFormerly known as Google’s App Inventor,  you can make apps for Android by dragging-and-dropping content via a graphical interface with this program. There’s no need to understand any programming languages. As of August 2011, Google discontinued its support of App Inventor, and the open-source code is now part of the MIT Center for Mobile Learning. It’s free to use, and the source code can be distributed freely. 

AppifierAppifier lets you turn your WordPress site into an app for free. You simply sign in with your name and a password, personalize your app as you see fit, and then publish it to the App Store via one of Appifier’s publishing packages. Appifier also offers suggestions on how you can monetize your app. 

Mobile Roadie – Mobile Roadie lets you build apps across a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, and mobile web. There are various packages available across a wide range of pricing plans, and you can add and subtract features to customize your app (not to mention the final price tag) as necessary. It’s definitely a good choice for a business owner who needs a professional-looking option, power personal communicator or erstwhile social media celebrity.

Conduit MobileConduit Mobile emphasizes ease-of-use for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone app development. The app platform lets developers analyze, deploy, and maintain their app for free via one control panel. The Conduit Mobile website also features a line of in-depth tutorial videos. 

GameSaladAll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. GameSalad lets you develop sophisticated iOS, Android, mobile, and tablet games with drag-and-drop technology—no coding required. GameSalad’s in-app preview player lets you bug-test your games thoroughly, and you can publish your work to mobile game stores, and/or GameSalad’s arcade. 

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