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Do you have old, used-up electronics sitting around your house? It’s a sure bet that you do. Maybe you’ve even accumulated enough old stuff to start building little model cities and tributes to ancient races gone by. Did you know there are ways to get money for your used electronics? It’s a much better alternative to throwing them out, given that many electronic devices contain metals and liquids that are poisonous (often classified as “E-waste”) and therefore shouldn’t be discarded in a typical landfill. 

Given the shortening life span of modern electronics (that brand-new iPhone in your pocket will be fit for a museum in less than five years), it’s not feasible to just let your old stuff pile up in your house. Next time you’re looking to do a spring cleaning, keep these methods of making money off your old gadgets and electronics in mind: 

Bring it Back to Best Buy for Store CreditBest Buy participates in an electronics recycling program for old video games, tablets, computers, smartphones, mp3 players, and more. You can assess the value of your old product online, or you can bring it into a participating store. (U.S. only.) Depending on your item’s worth, you’ll either receive a gift card for trading it in, or if the product has no value, the store will recycle it for free. 

Trade it Back to Amazon for Online Credit (and Free Shipping) – likewise has a trade-in program that rewards recyclers with store credit—and your products don’t even have to come from Amazon to qualify for said credit. You simply look up the value of your item online, print a shipping label to send it off (shipping is free!), and get a gift card for the agreed-upon amount. 

Sell Your Electronics on eBayAnd then there’s the ol’ standby: sell your electronics on eBay. Of course, it’s initially a bit of a hassle to set up your online store, assess the value of your electronics, sell them, deal with customers, then ship them, but you’ll receive actual cash for your items. Moreover, you have far more control over their presentation and pricing. 

ExchangeMyPhone.comAs its name suggests, Exchange my Phone is a website that lets you exchange various models of smartphone for cash. You get a quote based on the condition of the quote, have it shipped to EXMP’s headquarters (shipping is free), and are paid via PayPal or cheque. You can also choose to make a tax-deductible donation to one of several charities. 

Gazelle.comGazelle lets you sell electronics of all kinds, including smartphones, tablets, and pretty much everything Apple has produced since the iMac. Your electronics are evaluated, shipped to Gazelle’s headquarters for free, and you receive a cheque, a PayPal deposit, or an Amazon gift card. 

Consider Donating! – There are tons of organizations that are always looking for older cellphones and electronics that can be re-issued to other recipients. As was mentioned above, ExchangeMyPhone can donate your old electronics and issue a receipt. You can also bring your used electronics to a Goodwill outlet that participates in the Reconnect program. They’ll refurbish and redistribute your items.

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