Keeping Your Data Safe: How to Back Up Your Smartphone


Not that long ago, the idea of storing data on your phone seemed absurd. We wrote down phone numbers in small books, or we just scribbled necessary numbers on the walls of phone booths. Then, sometime in the late Aughts, our phones became something more akin to pocket-sized PCs. They store phone numbers, addresses, calendars, games, applications, music, notes, and much, much more. And, like PCs, it’s never a bad idea to back up your smartphone. 

But while the reasons for backing up your smartphone make the same amount of sense as the reasons for backing up your PC, the execution is slightly different. Here’s how to back up your smartphone data and keep it safe for years to come: 

iCloud – If you have an iOS device—an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or the like—you can protect and back up your machine with the assistance of the iCloud, an online storage service that automatically backs up your mail, calendar, and contacts information. While the iCloud won’t back up your game, music, or book purchases, it makes a record of what you’ve bought, and restores your purchases if it proves necessary. 

Utilizing iCloud requires iOS 5 and iTunes 10.5. Your iOS device automatically makes a backup on the iCloud when it’s plugged in and connected to a Wi-Fi signal. 

iCloud is free to use for up to 5 gigs of information. Visit the iCloud website for more information.    

iTunes – If you’d rather not fling your files up into the ether of the iCloud, you can back up your iOS content onto your computer using iTunes. 

Simply sync your iOS device to iTunes. Then, visit the “Summary” pane under the “Backup” section. Choose “Back Up to This Computer” and click the Sync button. 

MyBackupPro – MyBackupPro is a good backup option for Android owners. For a small monthly fee, you’re granted a considerable chunk of online space that you can use to back up your Android’s data. MyBackupPro runs automated backups, and supports a wide range of Android phone models, and can help you keep your data safe and backup your smartphone on command.

BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife – BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife is a freeware program that backs up your BlackBerry’s apps and app data to the smartphone’s memory card. 

For more information about backing up your smartphone data, visit: 

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