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With nearly any computer-using household needing a printer, as well as myriad home-based and small businesses, the market for printers and all-in-one devices remains crowded. And whether it’s a simple dedicated machine you are looking for and one that can perform a number of tasks, the revenue model for many manufacturers seems to be evolving into the well-known razor/razor blade model – give them the printers for cheap and charge them lots for the cartridges. There are obviously a number of choices available for anyone in the market for a printer, so here are some of the best printers and faxes available, including standalone or all-in-one units.

HP DeskJet 1000 – This single-purpose, budget friendly print does one thing, and does it well – print documents.  For those who just need a simple device that’s easy to use, this basic HP DeskJet 1000 model from HP costs only $30 as is the perfect choice for those on a budget that just need to print.

Samsung Laser Single-Function Printer – If you’re looking for a simple approach to printing but have a bit more to spend, consider Samsung’s Laser Single-Function Printer.  It has wireless capability, meaning you can stow it just about anywhere.  It also allows for double-sided printing and can print single-sided docs the quick rate of 29 pages per minute.

Canon Selphy CP800 Compact Photo Printer – If you’re looking to print photos, the Canon Selphy CP800 is a great choice that can provide prints in standard size or as small a credit card.  With its 2.5 inch tilt-up LCD screen, you don’t even need to connect it to a printer – you can create prints directly from your memory cards or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Epson Expression Home XP-400 – While many do want just the ability to print, increasingly families need a device that can perform many functions at once.  The Expression Home XP-400 is also a scanner and copier in addition to a printer.  With space at a priority for many, Epson has cleverly dubbed their Expression Home XP-400 as the “small-in-one” printer, based on its small size.  And it’s also portable, and able to print documents from Apple devices and PCs straight from the cloud.

Brother IntelliFax-2820 – Although e-mail scanning and communication has overtaken faxing, the need for a fax machine still exists for many, and for a few business and professions it’s still the way much communication gets done.  The Brother IntelliFax-2820 focuses on just the fax, and provides high-quality and quick printouts, as well as a built-in phone receiver to allow for both voice and fax calls.  If faxing is still a priority for your home or business, the Brother Intellifax-2820 is a great choice.

Lexmark Pro5500 – This all-in-one printer, scanner, copier and fax machine from Lexmark features a large 4.3 inch tough screen that helps make job selection and set up simple and easy.  Although the Lexmark Pro5500 is a bit bigger than some smaller all-in-ones, it’s great for small businesses with its handle to handle big jobs from a number of different sources simultaneously.

Xerox WorkCentre 3325 – While they’re best known for the large-scale office copy machines, Xerox also has products designed for the home office, such as the WorkCentre 3325, an all-in one printer, fax machine, copier and scanner that can produce and replicate two-sided documents with ease.  Since Xerox has so much printing and copying and experience, it’s no surprise they can create a dependable and fast home printing option as well.  The Xerox WorkCentre 3325 is wireless and small, so can it go nearly anywhere, and reports a printing rate of 37 pages per minute.



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