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The built-in map features on smartphones have caused a decline in the popularity of standalone GPS systems, but there are still a number of great advantages to buying a dedicated navigational unit.  For starters, they’re easier to read and have built-in voice features which are extremely helpful when you’re alone in the car.  Additionally, there are models which are designed specifically for things such as hiking or riding a motorcycle.  So if you’re in the market for a dedicated-device, here are the best GPS systems on the market today.

Garmin Nuvi – With touchscreens up to 5 inches wide and the promise of free map updates for life, the Garmin Nuvi series provides real-life views of many busy junctions so you know exactly what to expect when you’re approaching an intersection.  The Nuvi also provides real-time traffic updates and information on more than 8 million points of interest.

Magellan Roadmate – The Magellan Roadmate series offers a broad range for nearly any type of vehicle traveler, from a commercial traveler to the weekend road warrior.  Offering a bright 7 inch touchscreen, the Roadmate utilizes partnerships with AAA to provide information and locations for millions of attractions worldwide.  The top-of-the line Roadmate even has a built-in Wi-Fi connection which helps you take advantage of hotspots throughout the country.

TomTom GoLive – The TomTom GoLive series is known for the ability to provide the most-up-to-date traffic information available, with updates every 2 minutes.  There’s also extensive GoLive Apps which provide local gas prices, weather information and more that can all be accessed directly through the Go Live device.  With more than 7 million points of interest, and detailed lane information on highway and freeway interchanges, the GoLive offers enough extra features to make it feel like more than just a dedicated GPS device.

SatMap Active 10 Trek – SatMap offers rugged, waterproof devices for hikers that want to easily find their locations and plan routes based on detailed maps.  Using maps from National Geographic, the Active 10 Trek also features a removable and replaceable touchscreen to help adventurers have some peace of mind should they scratch or crack it during their adventures.  There’s even a night mode which uses special light that won’t detract from your night vision, so you won’t get lost in the GPS and miss out on your surroundings.

Garmin Montana – For the outdoorsman, the Garmin Montana is the perfect GPS, with a 5 inch touchscreen and access to detailed topographic maps which will help navigate even remote terrain.  There’s even a built-in 5 MP camera which you can use to not only take pictures, but also to easily geo-tag them as well.

Garmin Zumo – Because riding a motorcycle is completely different than driving a car, Garmin’s Zumo was built to fill the needs of motorcyclists.  Its touchscreen is designed to work with gloves, it’s waterproof and it’s made of durable plastic.  Bluetooth options allow for clear directions to be transmitted directly to your helmet, and the Zumo is created to be controlled more with your left hand.  If you’re riding on two wheels to get to your destination, the Garmin Zumo is one of the best GPS systems to get you there.

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