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Sure, newborns don’t come with instruction manuals, but there are a number of places online that will attempt to give new parents piece-of-mind when it comes to their little bundles of joy.  These 10 best baby products and websites are all valuable resources for moms and dads looking to give little ones their best start. Want to spoil your family’s newest addition? Stop by to check out all:

American Academy of Pediatrics – With information on breastfeeding, immunizations, allergies and more, the AAP website has a variety of helpful tips and in-depth articles from the collective thoughts of the most trusted source available for parents – pediatricians.

American Baby – From the editors of Parents magazine, American Baby features product reviews and articles on subjects many new moms are concerned about, such as natural childbirth, healthy eating and sleep tips.  There’s also a great online discussion forum filled with other concerned parents just like you.  And, of course, there are always cute baby photo contests going on.

BabyCenter – The BabyCenter website offers easy-to-find sections focused on different phases of the baby’s journey, from tips to getting pregnant to a section dedicated to preschoolers and even big kids. But perhaps the best part of BabyCenter is the weekly e-mail you can sign up for that will send you information about your child’s development in utero and beyond.  It’s a must-get newsletter for any expecting parents, even those who have been through it before.

BabyCorner – With a focus on providing support for pregnant and new moms, BabyCorner offers “birth clubs” in which you can easily connect with parents of kids who were born in the same month as yours in order to discuss issues. 

BabyZone – Offering tips on getting pregnant, being pregnant, life with a baby and beyond, BabyZone has an active community of moms, and great tools for calculating due dates, finding baby names and even assessing various pregnancy symptoms. – Although it does offer pre-natal tips, focuses on issues of safety, prevention and healthy living that face kids and families of all ages.  Whether you’re looking for timely activities or expert opinions on important topics such as media use, nutrition, immunizations and more, is an extensive resource.

iVillage – On the iVillage Baby section, moms and parents are encouraged to read, share and participate by the use of a rewards program which gives points (and the chance to win) for using the site in various ways.  So if you want a chance to win free stuff while researching ideas for nursery decorating, breastfeeding or even post-baby weight loss, try out iVillage, which also has another of pages focused on issues women care about besides babies. – Although best known for their classes on breathing techniques, Lamaze International’s website offers extensive preparation for parents to have a safe and healthy delivery.  It’s an especially great resource for first-time parents, and offers a weekly newsletter and help finding local Lamaze parent classes.

The Bump – From the same folks behind The Knot, a well-known and popular resource for wedding planning, The Bump provides nearly everything a new parent could want, and is designed to be used from the moment you first decide you are ready to get pregnant.   Many pregnant moms enjoy reading the birth stories of others who have recently gone through the experience. – Based on the essential new-parent book What to Expect When You’re Expecting, the companion website offers a similar educational approach to explain and demystify all aspects of pregnancy and child-rearing.

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