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The iPhone and iPad: They’re not just for making phone calls anymore! Then again, they never were. As long as iOS devices have been on the market, there has been a healthy demand for accessories to beautify iPhones and iPads. Moreover, creative engineers have discovered ways to draw these life-altering devices even further into our daily needs and routines through some of the best iPhone/iPad accessories ever devised. 

Did you know you can use your iPhone or iPad to take enhanced pictures, control your home temperature remotely, or even prod you into healthier living? Here are five of the best and most useful iPhone and iPad accessories currently on the market. 

HEX Code Wallet – Are your pocket seams groaning from the weight of your iPhone, wallet, and business cards? Simplify. The Code Wallet is a nifty invention that simultaneously acts as a folding screen protector for your iPhone while leaving space for credit cards and more. A strap secures everything in place, and your headphone jack, lock button, and dock port remain naked and ready to use without having to open the wallet. 

Olloclip – The iPhone camera isn’t a photographer’s dream, but an accessory or two can drastically improve its shooting performance. The Olloclip snaps onto your iPhone 4/4S and lets you shoot pictures with a wide-angle, fisheye, or macro lens. 

Freedom i-Connex 2 Mini Keyboard – You can actually get an impressive amount of writing done with your iPhone or iPad, but some people that were reared on the dependable clickety-clack of a real keyboard cannot get the hang of the average iDevice’s virtual keyboard. The i-Connex Mini Keyboard is a highly portable input device that is compatible with iOS devices as well as Android phones and tablets. Type away!   

Nest Thermostat – Imagine waking up on a bitter winter morning. The temperature has dropped overnight, and the house is freezing. Time to “tough it out,” throw off the covers, and run—or you can warm up your house remotely with your iOS device and the Nest Thermostat. Plus, the Nest Thermostat app helps you monitor your household’s energy use, which should help you initiate a conservation push. 

Jawbone Up – Sounds like the kind of message you’d receive after leveling up your stats in a role-playing game, doesn’t it? However, the Up accessory from Jawbone is all about helping you live an active, healthier life. It’s a bracelet that works in tandem with an app that tracks your exercise, meals, and sleeping patterns. When it’s time to get moving, the bracelet vibrates as a reminder. 

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