Best iPod and iPad Speakers and Docks

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To be human is to love music. As a species, we’ve made some impressive technological advancements in the name of getting some oontz oontz oontz: Record players, CD players, 8-track players, gramophones (little spotted dogs particularly liked sitting in front of gramophones, head cocked to one side), and more. Currently, the most popular way to listen to music is via an iPhone/iPad/iPod dock—but there are dozens of them on the market. Which iPod dock should you buy? 

Taking cost, function ,and sound quality into account, here are five of the best iPod and iPad speakers and docks on the market. All you need to do is supply the party. 

Philips Fidelio DS3010 – The DS3010 is easily found for under $100 USD online or at a retailer. The sound is rich, the bass is heavy and clear, and the speaker quality is very good, even if the “doughnut” shape might not appeal to everyone. If you have a USB cord on hand, the DS3010 can even plug into a laptop and amplify the device’s speakers. 

Speakal iPig Stereo iPod Docking Station – Speakal’s adorable line of animal-theme iPod docks are ideal for kids’ bedrooms—and they produce a pretty good sound, too. The user-friendly iPig features five evenly-distributed speakers, a 15W sub-woofer, and is compatible with iOS devices as well as most portable handheld systems, game consoles, TVs, CD players, DVD players, and mobile phones in general. Warning: Do not attempt to fry and eat the iPig. 

Bose SoundDock 10 – This powerful little guy is on the more expensive end of the spectrum (about $600 USD), but its fans swear by its lifelike sound quality and powerful woofer. Using the SoundDock is as easy as plugging in your iDevice (most models are supported), though you can listen to music from other supported sources as well. You can even watch iPod video on your TV and filter sound through the SoundDock. 

Klipsch iGroove SXT –Launched around 2009, the iGroove SXT is a bit older as far as docking tech is concerned, but its affordability (about $200 USD) and dependability still make it a popular option. Klipsch claims the iGroove functions on “horn” technology, which allows for the little system to make big, clear sounds with comparatively little energy. It supports most iDevice models. 

Gear 4 SoundOrb Aurora – The SoundOrb offers very decent sound quality, but its real strength is in its visuals. As the SoundOrb shuffles through your iPod library, its round light gives off a soft rainbow of colors that will soothe you after a hard day. Magical! 

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