How to Tame Any Schedule

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There are several ways to untangle a seemingly unmanageable schedule. For starters, you can throw the whole mess into a paper shredder. Doing so might land you in trouble down the road, however, so you need to ask yourself, “What are some realistic options I can utilize when looking at how to tame my schedule?” Proper time management counts for a lot, but so does motivating yourself and remembering what’s really important—both in life and at work. Here are five tips to help you manage your busy day-to-day routine. 

Finish jobs – Finish what you start. Seems like a no-brainer, but when you work on dozens of tasks at once without actually finishing any of them off, you begin to feel that much more overwhelmed. Finishing tasks, even small ones, will grant you a sense of accomplishment and a burst of happy energy that will help carry you through the rest of your work. 

Eliminate unnecessary activities – Stop and think: What’s really important, both in terms if your work and social life? If you typically handle half a dozen projects at once, you might want to look at cutting out a few. And what’s the point of leisure if it’s not making you relax? If you’ve taken on one too many extracurricular activities, see about cutting out or replacing one or two. Of course, exercise is still very important, but maybe you could slash a scheduled class in favor of a brisk walk that can be done whenever you have a moment. 

Clear away clutter – A tidy workspace inspires a tidy mind. If you keep your personal area free of clutter, you’ll work more efficiently, feel motivated, and won’t risk an avalanche every time the cat jumps on your desk. 

Ask for help when necessary – Everybody gets by on a little help from their friends, though sometimes an acquaintance will do just fine. Help out your pals whenever you have some downtime, then call in a favor when you’re swamped. Asking for help is especially important at home, and even youngsters can help out with simple cleaning and cooking tasks. 

Remember: You’re not alone – We’re all busy. We’re all short in time. We’re all looking for ways to delicately balance life and work. If you ever get overwhelmed, never feel ashamed of your “weakness” or write yourself off as a failure; we’ve all been there. Take time to collect yourself, then try again.

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