5 Best Green Gadgets

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Our increasing fascination with gadgets and technology admittedly hasn’t always been a boon for Mother Earth. Sophisticated electronics can be a drain on energy resources, they tend to be tossed on the scrap heap after a few years of service, and both manufacturing and distribution can pollute the soil and water. But nature and technology don’t always have to be at odds. In fact, there are many green gadgets on the market that can help you monitor your environmental conscience. 

From saving energy to reusing batteries to recharging your Kindle with the sun’s aid, here are five of the best green gadgets currently on the market. 

AOC USB-Powered HD MonitorAOC’s 22-inch USB-powered monitor is slim, lightweight, and comes to life with the aid of a USB port, not a separate power cord. It’s also mercury-free, made from recycled materials, and is compatible with PC and Mac. 

Solio Classic2  Battery Pack and ChargerThe Solio lets you harness the power of the sun to charge your electronics (hey, the sun’s gotta be good for something, right?). Pretty much any electronic that utilizes a USB cord can be charged up via the Solio Classic2. It’s environmentally friendly, and it’ll save your butt if the dreaded “20% Battery Remaining” message pops up during a long flight. 

Shakenergy Mint BatteryDisposable AA and AAA batteries still languish in our landfills. The solution? Mint Battery, the battery that you charge by shaking. A few flicks of your wrist will bring the battery’s flagging energy back to life. It’s an environmentally-conscious gadget, but if you ever find yourself cut off from the power grid, it can also be a life saver in an emergency situation. 

Solar Lighted Cover for KindleMore and more of us are turning to Kindles for our daily dose of reading, but what happens when the battery goes kaput? A smart solution is Solar Focus’s Solar Lighted Cover for Kindle, which converts sunlight into energy for an LED lamp that brightens the screen without relying on the main battery. When the lamp is charged, the extra solar energy can be re-routed to the Kindle’s battery. That equals more reading time for you. 

Nest Self-Learning ThermostatNo matter how much you fiddle with your thermostat before you go to work, your house is a sauna or an icebox by the time you get back. You immediately start fiddling with the thermostat, and then you continue to toy with it hour after hour. Nest is a self-learning thermostat that builds an effective schedule around your habits and preferences. You can even control your house’s temperature from your laptop or phone. A sentient thermostat sounds a little unsettling, but the savings speak for themselves. 

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