Best Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

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Although most days start and end in the bedroom, chances are you spend more time in the kitchen while you’re awake than anywhere else in the house.  According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend more time eating, drinking and preparing food than any other activity besides sleeping.

There are any number of gadgets which make this kitchen time more productive, efficient, or just plain cool. Here are the best kitchen gadgets and accessories for a technology-savvy household.

Keurig Coffee Makers

Whether at your desk or in your kitchen, Keurig’s focus is on making perfect coffee – one cup at a time.  With models designed for serious and casual coffee drinkers, these systems are among the best (and most convenient) home coffeemakers.  No longer do you need to worry about grinding beans, buying filters or anything else except enjoying your gourmet java. Special coffee packages are required for brewing, but can easily be found at most major retailers and grocery stores, with the widest selection available at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The Platinum Plus Brewing System and Vue V700 come especially recommended for home or office use.

Vitamix Blender

The acme of blenders is the Vitamix, with self-cleaning offerings that are hailed as the most versatile and durable on the market.  They may cost a little more than other blenders, but they’re powerful, reliable and come with a lifetime guarantee. It’s no wonder that Vitamix blenders are coveted by restaurants and professional chefs worldwide.

Cuisinart Food Processor

Whether it’s restaurant-sized, kitchen-sized or a mini one, Cuisinart is the gold standard in food processors.  With simple to assemble and safety-proofed parts that only fit together one way (the right way), Cuisinart food processers make everything from grating cheese to chopping vegetables simple, easy, and even sort of fun.

Induction Burner

Here’s the cool thing about induction burners – they don’t get hot.  The secret is magnets, which generate heat – provided you are using a pan that accepts magnetism.  Touted by pros as a way to accurately control temperatures while providing a safe cooking environment, induction burners are a seemingly magical way to boil water, and can be purchased as a separate, standalone portable burner.


Although soda may one day be viewed as the late 20th centuries version of the cigarette, there’s no disputing its popularity and carbonated deliciousness.  With the Sodastream, you can create your own sodas at home with proprietary CO2 cartridges and flavor packets that are available at most major local retailers.

Nostalgia Electrics Ice Cream Maker

Although it looks like a classic old-time barrel, this electric ice maker features a convenient motor that churns all the ingredients for you.  Simply add some ice and all the ingredients before dinner time, and delicious home made ice cream is churned and blended for you while you eat.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

Seal left overs and bulk food items for longer with a FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer, which removes all the air and creates compact, freezer friendly food and dishes for storage. Sure, you need to buy the proprietary wrap, but by saving food up to five times longer, it’s definitely worth it.

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