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We’re a society on the go, which might help explain the smartphone popularity boom. Our phones aren’t exactly a replacement for desktop or laptop computers, but be expect them to be up to the task when we need to get some work done during a commute. Online shopping is a good example: If you’re trundling along on a train, there’s no better time to make some necessary or impulse purchases. That’s why if you own a business, you should make yourself aware of the best ways to make your business mobile. 

A website that’s not optimized for mobile viewing will undoubtedly scare away potential customers. We’re no longer surfing the ‘net with number keys and pixel-based screens that are two inches wide: An unpleasant experience will simply drive users elsewhere. Here are five tips to keep in mind when making your business mobile. 

Make your site accessible for as many viewers as possible – You’re going to want to make your site visible for as many visitors as possible, which means you have to keep smartphone fragmentation in mind. Flash, for instance, doesn’t work across all smartphones, so HTML 5 is a better option for the interactive portions of your mobile site. 

Use QR codes – Quick Read/Quick Response (“QR”) codes can whisk a user straight to a designated webpage when they scan a code using their smartphone. QR codes are ideal for directing visitors to coupons, special deals, or feature items. 

Plan for easy data access – If you’re the one building and managing your mobile site, you’re going to want an easy-to-use data storage system that’s ideal for a mobile environment. Dropbox is a good option. 

Simplify Navigation – Clarity is key when designing a mobile site. Minimize the need for scrolling, and simplify navigation and purchasing options with big, clearly-marked buttons. When offering transactions, make sure there are as few steps as possible between the user and the purchase. 

Think Visibility – Eliminate the need to pinch-zoom whenever possible. Make text large and clear: Not everyone has great eyesight! Make sure there’s contrast between the background and the page text, and ensure your site works as well with a horizontal orientation as it does with a vertical one. 

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