How to Teach Your Kids About Tech

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Teaching a kid how to use technology safely and effectively is kind of like teaching them how to walk to school on their own for the first time: It’s natural, it’s necessary, but gosh, it’s pretty unnerving. Regardless, the Internet and other technology is a huge part of the modern child’s world, just as much as television or automobiles. It’s up to parents to teach their kids how to use technology safely. 

From encouraging the learning process from day one to teaching kids how to properly sort their inbox, here are five tips that’ll help you teach your children the finer points of tech safety. 

Hands off the tech (parents) – Letting your kids experiment with technology is the first step in teaching them how to use it safely. Daniel Donahoo at the GeekDad Community encourages parents to let kids puzzle out tablets, phones, etc, for themselves—no matter how much they may want to intervene. 

“My biggest tip is ‘don’t touch the tech,’” Donahoo writes. “When my children come and say, ‘Dad how do I?’ It may be insert an image, or download a new program, or fix an error…I come and talk to them about it, I ask questions, but I never do it for them…they learn by doing it themselves and finding the answers…the way I had to.” 

Needless to say, you’ll at least want to ensure that all traces of jam and chocolate have been eliminated from your kids’ fingers before they start poking away. 

Kids learn by example, so set a good one – If your kids walk in on you while you’re surfing, shall we say, less than reputable sites, they’re going to believe it’s perfectly okay for them to do the same thing. The shifty content on said sites isn’t the only thing you need to worry about, either: They can also be nests for viruses and malware.   

It’s also important for you to set a good example by not using your cellphone or texting while driving. The last thing you need is a trip to the Emergency Department because Junior thought he’d ape dad and make a call while driving his BMX. 

Start as early as possible – There are apps available for babies and toddlers. That tells you something about how easily kids catch on to new devices. It’s not a bad idea to initiate supervised play on tablets and computers. The earlier a kid manages to find his or her way around tech, the sooner he or she can learn how to use it safely while unsupervised. 

Teach kids how to spot spam and frauds from real email – There are safe, walled email options for very young kids, but they’re eventually going to need to use something more functional. Unfortunately, with email comes spam. Lots of it. It’s important to teach kids how to sort scams from the real deal, especially when a cleverly-disguised notification asks for bank information, credit card information, or passwords to game sites.   

Keep the computer, tablet, etc, in the living room – Parents have strong opinions on whether or not technology like TVs and computers should follow kids into their bedrooms. While the choice is ultimately up to mom and dad, keeping the family unit in a busy area of the house helps parents keep an eye on their kids’ surfing habits until they can be assured that Junior has learned some measure of online safety. 

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