How to Move Your Tech and Home Theater Safely and Without Hassle

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Oh, boy. Moving. Some people love pulling up their roots and starting anew in a strange new world. Others detest the act and need plenty of good reasons to shift themselves out of their comfortable groove. Love it or hate it, moving can prove to be a major source of stress for one reason in particular: the packing and moving of electronic devices. Though some tech is sturdier than we give it credit for, stuff gets jostled in transit and becomes scratched, broken, or (horrors!) lost. But if you take precautions, moving technology and networks can be done safely and easily. 

From talking to your provider to storing up those all-important monitor/television boxes, here are five tips to help you move your tech easily and without hassle. 

Deal with ISPs ahead of time – Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much our day-to-day lives rely on a sturdy Internet connection, but you’ll remember in a hurry if that Internet connection vanishes for days at a time. Before you move, make sure you tell your providers what they need to know at least two weeks before the actual move date (a month is ideal). Also, make sure service is turned off at the old homestead. 

Shut down everything – Turn everything utterly off before you move it. Seems like an obvious piece of advice, but with so many of our electronics running off batteries these days, sometimes we forget that “Hibernation Mode” is not the same as a full-fledged shutdown. You don’t know how long your gadgets are going to be in a box, so make sure they’ve been completely put to bed before you hit the road. 

Label cables – Here’s a guarantee: When the last box has been shoved into the living room and you’re ready to set up your computer in its new home, you’re not going to feel like digging through a ratty wad of cables in order to sort out what belongs to what. Make sure you label each cable before packing it away—you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle when you reach Point B. 

Backup data first, if possible – It’s never a bad idea to make regular backups of your most important files, but it’s especially important when you’re moving. For some unexplained reason, computers, etc, get temperamental when you move. The worst probably won’t happen, but if your data goes kaput, you’re definitely going to want a backup on hand. 

Store monitors, TVs in boxes – When you bought that new HDTV, you kept the box, right? Right? Ideally, easily-scratched electronics like TVs and monitors should be moved in their original packaging. If you disposed of your boxes because space is at a premium in your house (or if the cats claimed it as their personal fort), give yourself time to ask computer/electronics shops if they can spare any extras. Make sure you remember the exact measurements! 

For more tips on moving your electronics with as few tears as possible, visit 

How to Move Your Home Network and Media Center With Minimal Stress at CNet

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