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Spring has officially sprung, and you know what that means – tons of new games, gadgets and high-tech toys for your entertainment! Just one problem: With so many great options for indoor and outdoor play to choose from, it can be hard to whittle down your wish list. Happily, we’ve partnered with some awesome companies to highlight a few of the best ways to keep the fun and excitement going well into summer and beyond.

Right off the bat, consider checking out a portable gaming pick that’s perfect for the beach, plane or car. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system is the latest in the hugely-popular Pokémon franchise, which millions of families have grown up with. Kids will be pleased to find that they can easily jump right in and play as one of five fan-favorite Pokémon as they journey through infinitely-changing dungeons, battle and befriend other Pokémon and collect treasure. Just a few of many fun features the dungeon RPG sports include wireless play and colorful 3D graphics, as well as the ability to scan everyday objects with the Nintendo 3DS’ camera to open new dungeons.

You can grab it at national retailers – or download both the game and additional dungeons in the Nintendo eShop. The Poké Forest Mystery Dungeon add-on is actually free to download until April 30.

For next-generation fun at home, you’ll also want to try LEGO City Undercover, exclusive to the Wii U. Based on LEGO City Series playsets (a favorite with many kids), it’s an engaging action-adventure where you explore a living, breathing city solving crimes. With an original storyline, over 100 vehicles and tons of disguises to choose from, its blend of action and humor offers something for everyone, kids and adults alike, making it a top family game night pick. Among the coolest parts: You can use the Wii U GamePad controller’s touchscreen as a second screen to scan for clues or even listen in on criminals on your TV – it’s definitely a unique experience. It’s been getting some reviews too, so if you’re shopping for kids or looking to spend a little quality time sharing the controller, consider picking LEGO City Undercover up.

PC gamers are in luck too, with lots of great new high-performance gear available. Case in point: Logitech’s G line of gaming accessories. The company really put its passion for science into creating the accessories, which deliver a number of impressive new advancements. Its mice, keyboards and headsets offer better performance and precision – including a special coating on the keyboards and mice to keep your hands from sticking (apparently, when science wins, gamers win as well). Definitely put the Logitech G line of PC gaming accessories on your list to check out.

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