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Dozens of great gift ideas are available for Father’s Day 2014: It’s picking the best ones from all those choices that’s the tricky part! Happily, with the help of some of our friends at several leading firms, we’ve had a chance to sit down and hash out a number of promising new picks that are guaranteed to make Dad’s entire summer. Whatever his interests, whether they lean towards movies, music, or high-tech gadgets, the following five choices are sure to get his attention – and go over about 800X better than a tie or singing greeting card.

For starters, if you want to put a smile on Dad’s face (and keep it happy and healthy), check out the Oral-B Black 7000 power brush. It has a sleek design which removes up to 100 percent more plaque than a regular toothbrush. Oral-B also has a great Power of Dad campaign going on right now at PowerofDad.com – you can share all your favorite photos and moments with dad using hash tag power of dad.  

Now whether he loves listening to music or sports, or watching videos on the go, your father will also dig the LG GRUVE headphones. In addition to delivering awesome HD sound quality, they are super comfortable and block out unwanted noise. The headphones can also be used wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device or wired with an auxiliary cable. You can answer calls and hear texts in between listening to your favorite songs, a feature Dad will definitely dig.

If your father plans to enjoy some summer travel this season, he’ll also want to stay in touch with family and friends, and magicJack is a great way for him to stay plugged in for less than $3 a month. The new magicjack GO uses any broadband connection for improved call quality and free international calls to the U.S. so it’s perfect for summer travel. He’ll also dig the free magicApp for smartphones and tablets which lets him take his home or office number wherever he goes.

And while on-the-go, you can help Dad stay connected with his favorite electronics at home. With the D-Link wi-fi smart plug you can easily control your home devices, wherever you are. With the mydlink Wifi Smart Plug app, you can create on/off schedules for your electronics and keep an eye on power consumption at home. Also no need to worry about overheating appliances – with the built-in thermal sensor, the smart plug will automatically turn them off it they get too hot.

Of course, every dad loves a good laugh as well.  Johnny Knoxville has an all-new movie called Bad Grandpa .5, which is a follow-up to the hit comedy Bad Grandpa. It’s available to download NOW and is loaded with never-before-seen pranks and hilarious behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. It’s pretty hilarious, and something your dad (and your grandpa) will really enjoy.

As you can see, there are plenty of great gifts available for Father’s Day 2014 – we wish you and your family a wonderful time!

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