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Greetings, fellow road warriors! You’ve spoken, and here’s what you’re telling us: like most modern travelers, you guys are really, really busy these days. Thankfully, like everything else in life, there’s an app for that– and quite a few helpful gadgets that can help with all the multitasking madness as well. As part of our relationship with the Hyatt Place Seamless Travel Series, I’m giving you the insider’s scoop on the best multipurpose apps and gadgets available so that you can travel seamlessly (and with a lighter load!).

The next time the open road beckons, consider these tips and trips, and book a stay at a Hyatt Place hotel. With free Wi-Fi services and a range of in-room USB ports, Hyatt Place hotels make each of these options even more simple to use, allowing you to stay far more productive and entertained when you’re away from home.

Kindle Fire HDX

An affordable, all-purpose tablet PC that can help you easily organize notes, juggle emails, and manage your social media accounts, in addition to downloading your favorite books, movies, magazines, songs, video games and more. Offering ample computing muscle for most day-to-day tasks and a high-quality 7-inch color touchscreen, it provides sufficient horsepower to handle virtually any everyday need at a minimum of expense. But by far the biggest upside is the mobile device’s sheer range of apps and digital books available for it – literally thousands of solutions for work and play can be accessed wirelessly anywhere (e.g. right from your Hyatt Place hotel room) with the tap of a finger. As a result, the Kindle Fire HDX makes a highly recommendable and ready-to-go solution for high-tech travelers of any experience level. Pack it along on your next trip, and you won’t have to pack half a dozen other devices.


A sleek and attractively-appointed gadget that’s small enough to fit in your pocket, LG’s flagship smartphone does quadruple duty as a portable calling device, media player and desktop. Thank a generously sized screen and powerful computing processor that, when coupled with an ever-growing range of Android apps, allows you to use the gadget in a variety of roles such as a document scanner, invoice tracker, videoconferencing hub, itinerary planner and more. Frequent fliers will also appreciate the device’s dual camera capabilities, including a 13MP rear-mounted shooter that can easily replace most digital cameras, and front-mounted camera that allows for free video calls. Helpful extras such as expandable storage, gorgeous graphics quality, and an intuitive interface give it bonus points for power users.

Google Drive

Anyone can quickly tap into and enjoy several gigabytes’ worth of online storage (enough for hundreds of songs, photos, videos, etc.) in seconds with Google Drive, which allows you to store all your favorite stuff in one place online. Easily connected to and synchronized with a variety of devices such as PCs and tablets, you can grab songs, Microsoft Word documents, PDFs or other files you’ve stored on the service from just about anywhere, effectively allowing your desktop to travel wherever you do. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about leaving anything behind at home the next time you travel – and you can even invite others to share, access an download this material with the tap or click of a button. Useful for collaborating with coworkers, or keeping friends and family up to speed while on the road, it makes a handy alternative to a USB thumb drive – and one you won’t have to worry about accidentally misplacing during your many adventures.


Short for “if this then that,” IFTTT is a service that allows you to create triggers that can cause multiple apps to work together to produce a more complex effect when these triggers are activated – i.e. make cool things happen together in response to other things happening. For example: If you were to add a new photo on Instagram, you could configure the service so that these photos are also backed up to your Box online storage account upon being taken, or set weather alerts to be sent to your email every morning on wakeup. Alternately, you might arrange to automatically backup your personal contacts to an online spreadsheet at regular intervals, or share status updates made on one social network to another. Literally thousands of combinations are available – thankfully, so are a growing number of templates users have shared that you can quickly grab and utilize.Using IFTTT, youcan quickly set and configure high-tech rituals and routines that can make life that much more connected and simpler. Armed with the service, a mobile device, free WiFi and a handy USB port or two (e.g. Hyatt Place have these too!), you’d be amazed just what you can do.

Yoga 2

Bridging the gap between laptops and tablets, popular two-in-one computer model the Lenovo Yoga 2 (available in 11.6- and 13.3-inch configurations) offers the best of both worlds. A Windows 8 PC complete with all the expected bells and whistles – e.g. 4GB of RAM, 500GB of hard drive space, and integrated graphics processing as a starting point – offers greater convenience and portability than your average notebook computer, given its ability to be placed in tent or stand mode. Designed for both productivity and entertainment purposes, you’ll find that the multi-touchenabled system runs most popular software programs quite well, and offers all the benefits of a full-fledged laptop with less of the weight or clutter. Pile on up to nine hours of battery life, and you can see why such systems are becoming an increasingly popular choice, especially for business travelers headed out of town for work or an extended vacation happen.

This post was sponsored by Hyatt Place as part of its Seamless Travel Series. The opinions are my own and based on my experience.

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