Holiday Gift Guide: Technology and Gear

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Holiday Gift Guide: Technology and Gear

The holidays are here, and you know what that means: Technology and gadgets galore! With it just as fun for techies to give as receive, there’s no shortage of high-tech items crowding gearheads’ wish lists either – whether shopping for an LED HDTV, tablet PC, smartphone or otherwise, expect to be well-covered.

But picking the best electronic gifts isn’t as easy as it used to be, as shoppers suddenly face tough decisions on every front, e.g. to buy Apple or Android, 4G LTE or 3G. Thankfully whichever option you choose, and device you settle on, odds are you’re likely to come out a winner. Why? Growing power and performance combined with falling prices and increasing connectivity means that regardless of manufacturer or item, you’re effectively getting more bang for your buck across the board.

In fact, according to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), holiday shoppers plan to spend roughly $252 on tech-related presents this year – a full third of their gift-giving budget. The good news: With value a big watchword for manufacturers in 2012 and 2013, you’ll find that the best high-tech gifts (which now offer wireless and mobile connectivity, including support for downloadable apps and updates) don’t just make jaws drop… they also often keep on giving for months to come. So no matter if you’re dreaming of a snazzy DSLR camera or shiny new Wii U video game system, realize. Plenty of great gift ideas can help you stay snuggled up warm in front of your screen until Jack Frost takes the hint and finally flies south for the winter.

See below for just a few great high-tech gift ideas the whole family will love this holiday, each worth adding to your wish list. Note that you can click the below links to learn more about all options, and for online shopping deals.








Leading a wave of new pint-sized tablet PC launches, the smaller and slimmer iPad Mini does everything its larger cousin does, only in a more portable and lightweight format. A miniaturized alternative to traditional laptops, it also provides extensive online connectivity for surfing the Web or playing books, music, movies, TV shows and games in a format so hyper-intuitive that even toddlers can enjoy it.

Owners can easily check email, videoconference with friends or family, and browse the Internet on its gorgeous 7.9-inch LED screen, or enjoy immediate access to a virtual library’s worth of magazines, newspapers and periodicals to boot. Capable of 1080p high-definition video recording, and measuring up 23% thinner and 53% lighter than its full-sized cousin (clocking in at just 7.2mm and 0.68lbs), the device also packs 10 hours of battery life.

Great for enjoying on the couch or cross-country flights, support for high-speed WiFi and LTE wireless connectivity makes it easy to enjoy the best upside of all: On-demand access to hundreds of thousands of free or value-priced apps (read: bite-sized software programs) in every genre. Buy one, and you’ll greatly minimize chances of ever being bored again.










Having recently claimed the title of world’s best-selling smartphone, it’s easy to see why shoppers and critics alike are raving over this sleek, high-speed handset. Among the most popular iPhone 5 alternatives available, the Android 4.0 model doesn’t just offer a brawny dual-core processor, brisk 4G LTE download speeds and sharp 8MP camera. It also packs an ultra-crisp 4/3-inch AMOLED (read: colorful and oversized) display, loads of memory for fast program juggling, and support for both speech recognition and voice commands, a la Apple’s Siri.

Priced competitively and available on a variety of cellular carrier networks including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular, the gadget also lets you quickly share photos, videos and documents using wireless “S Beam” transfer capabilities. As an added bonus, you can further access turn-by-turn directions, seamlessly share film clips you’ve shot to Samsung TVs and easily check friends’ social network updates. Crammed as the gizmo is with fun features and extras, it’s almost refreshing to note that basics like call quality, reception and data transfer speeds don’t disappoint. Anyone looking for a new phone without an “i” in the title would do well to make it a first port of call.












While manufacturer Toshiba’s no slouch in the HDTV market – see its affordably-priced 24L4200U, which delivers myriad connectivity options besides solid screen performance – this stunning LED set quickly helps reinforce the point. A 46-inch flat screen that delivers vivid coloring and snazzy 1080p high-definition graphics in a sleek-looking package, it also offers a 120Hz refresh rate for seamlessly smooth motion while watching sports or movies. As with other models, myriad connections (including 3 HDMI ports, USB support and component video hookups) are offered to boot, so you can easily connect a Blu-ray player, Apple TV or media receiver.

Whether using the set to output images from your PC or screen a marathon of The Lord of the Rings movies, it takes just seconds to get the picture, both literally and otherwise. Credit workmanlike video performance, including wide viewing angles so you can enjoy screenings no matter where you’re reclining in a room, and vibrant coloring that helps bring on-screen images to life. While it lacks 3D capability and smart TV (i.e. Internet-connected and app-based options), it’s worth noting that the television also offers something supporting TVs don’t. Specifically, a more affordable price point, so you can enjoy large screen size and LED backlighting technology without breaking the bank.








While a printer may not seem the sexiest holiday gift, it’s among the most practical, and likely to keep on giving, especially if you’re in the mood to save vacation photos, or running a small or home-based business. Offering high-quality color prints with a fraction of the time and cost of competitors, the HP Officejet Pro 8600 cranks out up to 20 great-looking pages a minute in black and white or 16 per minute in color. A touchscreen powered all-in-one that offers the ability to copy, scan and fax, it doesn’t just connect to wired or wireless networks either – it also offers downloadable apps and printing from mobile devices.

If you’re looking to enjoy wireless home printing for less, you might also give the HP Officejet 6700 Premium all-in-one a look this holiday season as well. A value-priced option that also packs a touchscreen, WiFi connectivity, built-in apps and the ability to print from mobile devices or throughout the whole home, it strikes a nice balance between performance and practicality too. Whether churning out holiday photos and fliers or simply downloading Disney cutouts or other arts and crafts projects to entertain kids on break, it’s a fun and useful addition to any home, or home office.









Another strong offering in the slim and lightweight tablet PC category, Google’s answer to the iPad Mini (also available in a 10-inch format) does for Android what its rival does for Apple’s own iOS. Priced to sell and tailor-made for travelers, you may be surprised to learn that the eye-catching 7-inch display isn’t necessarily the main draw here, though. Rather, it’s on-demand access to hundreds of thousands of apps from online store Google Play, serious graphical horsepower, and long-lasting battery life that make the device a must-see for both enthusiasts and casual shoppers alike.

Compatible with mobile wireless GSM carriers worldwide, WiFi-enabled and offering 32GB of storage, we’re most psyched about the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor the system packs. Able to pump out jaw-dropping 3D graphics and juggle multiple apps with minimal hiccups, the system shines brightest when playing games or pumping out videos, making it a portable digital entertainment hub. Equally great for killing time alongside guests during the holidays or while cruising at 30,000 feet, it also offers effortless web browsing and Internet surfing, and the ability to read reams of eBooks during cold winter nights.

From favorite songs to films, TV shows and novels, it’s all there waiting to be enjoyed from the cloud. Happily, around 9-10 hours of playback or online usage are offered per charge as well, so you won’t find yourself suddenly sprinting for an outlet during extended layovers as you voyage towards sunnier shores.








Letting Mad Max fans live out their every post-apocalyptic fantasy, this sequel to the multimillion-selling action role-playing game (RPG) epic will be a surefire favorite with gaming enthusiasts. Albeit for mature audiences, the uniquely-styled adventure – which looks like a living, breathing graphic novel – lets up to four players patrol a blasted futuristic wasteland battling mutants and marauders, and collecting piles of loot as they gallivant along. Packing weeks of replay value in solo or multiplayer modes, it lets you pick from literally millions of weapons, pieces of equipment, and gear, then travel the desert blowing adversaries to kingdom come.

Successfully straddling the line between a white-knuckle first-person shooter and stat-crunching 3D dungeon crawl, it delivers the kind of depth diehard fans crave alongside the accessibility casual players can’t resist. Which makes it something of a rare beast among games these days: The kind you can dive into and blow off stress in just minutes by enjoying a little co-op, split-screen and LAN-based play, or alternately spend months immersed in ferreting out every last collectible or clue. An overarching campaign helps add some depth to the proceedings, but make no mistake whether you’re a PC, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 owner. The real fun here’s in grabbing a few friends, getting your hands on increasingly spectacular randomly-generated gear, and settling in for an evening of casually using it to splatter slavering monstrosities across the sand.










It’s a tablet. No wait – it’s a notebook. OK, so maybe it’s a little of both, with this so-called Windows 8 “ultrabook” (lightweight, mid-range portable PC that mimics the best features of each) sitting somewhere in-between. Designed for road warriors who demand more versatility from their computing solutions, the touch-based model essentially packs a streamlined layout and physical keyboard for heightened productivity, yet also boasts a screen that swivels a full 360 degrees.

Think form meets functionality: Capable of transforming into four different modes – laptop, tablet, stand and tent – the system is built for maximum convenience. That way, you can switch its setup to pound out reports, play games and videos, or enjoy streaming music and social media updates as situations dictate. Offering a 13.3-inch HD display, multi-touch capability and up to 8 hours of battery life, yet weighing in at only 3.4lbs, it makes an ideal travel companion. Credit a unique mix of performance and practicality, with models capable of packing up to an Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of memory and 128GB SSD storage.

Can’t decide between an iPad and full-sized Windows 8 machine? Perhaps you don’t have to: The Yoga 13 effectively splits the difference, making it a uniquely engaging contender in its own right.

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Kids Tech: Best Gadgets for All Ages

Kids Tech: Best Gadgets for All Ages

Family Tech

Technology for parents & kids: Hints, tips, online safety strategies & more.

The family that indulges in tech together, stays together. All right, no guarantees. Still, technology is such an important part of our day-to-day life that it makes a lot of sense for the family to herd together and enjoy what’s on-hand as a group. But electronics are expensive, so you need to narrow down your choices by asking, “What’s the best tech out there for families?” 

It’s kind of a personal question since every family’s needs varies depending on budget, size, and need. Nevertheless, if you have a passel of dependents, there are some basic choices that you should consider making up-front. 

AppleTV/GoogleTV – Streaming technology is hot news, and both AppleTV and GoogleTV are big parts of that news. Both services feed digital video content to your television through a handsome box that takes up very little room in your den. GoogleTV, which is powered by Android, lets you surf freely through the Internet in addition to streaming video content. AppleTV lets you play back media from your iTunes account. Both services have advantages and disadvantages, but are worth considering if you have a video-loving family. 

Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 – The current generation of consoles goes beyond playing video games. You can use the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 to access apps like NetFlix and YouTube, or stream video from your PC to your TV. The PlayStation 3 also has a built-in Blu-ray player, and if your family likes to get up and move, the optional Kinect add-on (Xbox 360) or Move remote accessories (PlayStation 3) is a good exercise option on rainy days. 

HDTV – If you don’t have a high definition TV (HDTV), you’re going to want to pick one up for your family as soon as you possibly can. Granted, those may sound like words out of a fairy tale if you’re on a budget, but remember that the HDTV market is constantly at war. Prices drop all the time, and sales are rampant. Even if you can’t afford a set right away, always keep an eye open. Moreover, take some basic shopping advice with you to the store. 

Multi charging station – So many electronics, so few available plugs. Eliminate the risk of a kid-sized civil war with a multi-charging station so that several electronics can be charged up at one time. The Aviiq Portable Charging Station is a decent affordable option, as is the Joy Factory

Kid-Friendly headphones – Kids don’t like to go anywhere without their music. That’s fine. What’s less fine is that all the thud-thud-thudding might be damaging their sensitive ears. Consider giving them a pair of cool-looking kids’ headphones with self-adjusting volume levels, like the Aerial 7 Arcade Headphones. Your kids may grouse at first, but they’ll thank you some twenty years down the line. Just be patient. 

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Should You Buy a New HDTV?

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Should You Buy a New HDTV?

So you were an early HDTV adopter  back in 2006, and now you’re beginning to feel a little bit of—dare we say it—TV envy. With so many seemingly bigger and brighter high-definition televisions on the market, it’s hard not to picture the market’s best shedding its light in your living room. Step back and think sensibly, though: Is it a necessary purchase? When should you get a new HDTV? 

Unsurprisingly, the decision comes down to your personal preferences and needs, though it helps to break down your reasoning before you take the plunge. Here are five things you should consider before you get a new HDTV: 

Are you unhappy with your current picture quality? – Are you looking to replace your HDTV simply because it’s “old,” and you think whatever’s out there will provide you with better picture quality? CNet writer Geoffrey Morrison has a simple piece of advice for HDTV shoppers: “As a general rule, if you bought a decent TV in the last few years, the new models will only look a little better. More than five years, and it gets harder to say.” 

Morrison goes on to state that measuring picture quality between HDTVs with numbers alone can be tricky, as manufacturers’ “contrast ratio” specs tend to be fabrications, and even measurements from one review site to another can vary. Make things easy on yourself: Go into an electronics store and take a look at what’s on display. Does the picture look sharper? Are you looking to update from 720p to 1080p? Then by all means, grab that new set. 

Do you want 3D? – Many movie-goers will argue that 3D has worn out its welcome (again), but the “fad” doesn’t seem to want to go away. 3D movies and video games (which are primarily supported through the PlayStation 3 console) can actually be a lot of fun for kids, so it might not be a bad idea to update your family entertainment center. 

Do you want built-in internet streaming? – Even if your HDTV is only a couple of years old, it might be lacking the technology necessary to stream movies and other content directly to your set. If you’re looking for a TV with built-in Internet technology and Wi-Fi support, you might consider upgrading—though it’s not very hard to set up media streaming via your computer and/or game consoles

Do you just want a bigger TV? – All right, just go ahead and admit it. You want that new 80-inch screen hanging on your living room wall. Congratulations: Admission is the first step to solving a problem. Now complete your treatment with some retail therapy. In fact, you can move your smaller set to a bedroom, or bequeath it on a child deserving of a reward. 

Wait for holidays/other major sales – HDTVs can be fun impulse buys (at least until the credit card bill comes in), but reining in your compulsion and sitting tight isn’t the worst idea. Major sales come and go, especially since HDTV technology is evolving briskly. Holding off for a mere month can net you hundreds of dollars in savings. 

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