Best Applications: Top 5 Kindle Fire Apps

Best Applications: Top 5 Kindle Fire Apps

The Kindle Fire combines tablet computer functionality with’s e-book reader, the Kindle. The Kindle Fire is a handsome and handy piece of tech, and a great alternative for anyone feels that the iPad is a bit out of their price range. Unlike the iPad, however, the Fire runs on Android, not iOS, so some users might have a little difficulty rooting out the best Kindle Fire applications. 

What about you? If you own a Kindle Fire but feel like you’re not getting much use out of it, make sure you study up on what the tablet is capable of. There are hundreds of useful programs for you to pick and choose over, and they can help you organize your day, work on some documents, or just wind down after a hard day’s work. 

Here are five of the best apps available for the Kindle Fire: 

Quick Office Pro HD – Need to get some work done on the go? QuickOfficeProHD is a must-have for your Kindle Fire. This app lets you view and edit Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets. It also lets you open and view PDF files without the need to download a separate application. Quick Office Pro HD can also connect you to popular remote office services, including Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote, and more. 

Drawing Pad – Drawing Pad is a must-have for parents who want to encourage their kids’ creativity—and let’s be honest, adults will probably love it, too. It’s a finger-powered drawing program that features a huge assortment of drawing “materials,” including pencil crayons, markers, and paint. You can also mess around with stamps, stickers, and construction paper backgrounds. 

Where’s My Water? – All work and no play, right? The Kindle Fire doesn’t boast the same massive game selection as an iPad, but you can still play some tablet gaming’s best offerings. Where’s My Water? is a physics-based puzzle game that stars an adorable alligator named Swampy. Your mission is to re-direct streams of water into Swampy’s bath. It’s harder than it sounds, given that the game takes place in the sewers of New York, so all kinds of unpleasant stuff can end up in the tub instead. It’s perfect for gamers of any age. You’ll be hooked. 

Netflix – The Internet’s premier movie- and- television-streaming service is available on the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire’s version of the application loads quickly, is easy to use, and offers welcome options like easy access to subtitles. 

Audible for Android – If you own any kind of Android device, Audible for Android should be your go-to app for audio books. You can pick your favorites from a huge library of classics, or try something new. Audible for Android also has a Sleep Mode, so you can drift off without having to worry about your Kindle Fire’s battery life. 

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